Monday, November 30, 2009

Turkey Burn 2009

What exactly is the turkey burn? It was started by TeamBeachbody Coach Barbie Decker last year after Thanksgiving. We all to overeat on Thanksgiving by having either too many appetizers, turkey, side dishes, or dessert. The purpose of the turkey burn is to BURN OFF the food we ate on Thanksgiving. Pretty simple!

Several TeamBeachbody coaches hosted and attended the Turkey Burn 2009 workout in New York City on Saturday, November 28th. Coaches in attendance were:
James P. Manganiello, Gloria Lee, Barbie Decker, Jason Diebold, Nazly Jordan, Gabrielle Valentino, and Brian Del Gaudio.

The workouts are from the Beachbody program REV ABS:
Rev It Up Cardio
Merciless Abs

A total of sixteen people attended the workout. Three videocameras filmed it. Five cameras took photographs. Between all the video footage and the photographs, I am creating a youtube video for this workout.

I have already reviewed the workout footage and am creating a youtube video consisting of photos and videos. Once completed, I will post it here, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and various other social networking sites.

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