Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Double Plyo

Don't do it twice in week. I found that out last week, the hard way.
P90X, week 12 - I chose to do the workouts of of sequence this week to change things up. The change worked, and it went very well. I usually do Plyo on day 2, but this week I did it on day 4 (Thursday). Even though it wasn't my usual day, I went with it, worked hard, and enjoyed it.

For the past several weeks, my body has been used to a whey protein supplement and I have "bonked" or lost energy because I was not utilizing it. Fortunately, this past week my body has adapted to not having the supplement and returned to normal. This week, I learned about utilizing foods with natural protein instead of supplemental protein. Fellow Beachbody coach, Judi Finneran, hosted a conference call with guest speaker, Melissa Costello. Melissa is a chef and vegetarian. She's also Tony Horton's personal chef. Melissa discussed meals in a vegetarian lifestyle, which helped her lose weight and get into fantastic shape.

Personally, I want to gradually adapt a vegeterian lifestyle. I rarely eat meat or beef, I love vegetables (raw or cooked), and I'm confident that I can do this. For some time, I have been cooking my own meals. If I'm able to cook healthy, vegetarian meals, I am anxious to make this part of my life!!

In the summer of 2009, I teamed up with several coaches and we have hosted a monthly free Beachbody workout in New York City. We've done workouts from different programs, and have attracted many people. A few months ago, I started filming the workouts, editing them, and posting videos on youtube for them. This past Saturday, we did Plyometrics. True, twice in one week, but I was anxious to do it. Working out at home is one thing, but working out with a group motivates you. Everyone worked hard throughout the workout. Someone took photos. I still have to edit the video and post it on youtube this week. Once that is completed, I will post it here.

Saturday night following the workout, I felt great.

Sunday morning, it was just the opposite. My hamstrings and the muscles in my quadraceps tightened up. It was difficult to walk, stand, even take stairs. But I took it slowly, and made it through the day. Sunday night, only one word crossed my mind - STRETCH. I put in the Beachbody's workout DVD "Total Body Solution". This helped stretch me out and loosen me up. In addition, I also did some stretches from other Beachbody workout programs as well as some track stretches that I've done when I was younger. All the stretching worked, and I do not have any pain in my muscles or hamstrings.

This is the final week of P90X, week 13 - recovery week. By the end of this week, I will post my results of P90X, round four. In addition, I'll post the second fit test, and compare it to the original P90X fit test that I had taken before starting this round. I'll also post my photos and measurements. Everything will be documented and posted.

Then, I will take the Rev Abs fitness test.

It's all about accountability!

November 7 is my completion date for P90X.
November 8 is my start date for REV ABS.

I'll be back later in the week. In the meantime, here's the photo from the Plyometrics workout on Saturday.

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