Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Fun Factor

Instead of continuing on with phase 1 of Rev Abs, I made the choice to add another program. This may seem counter intuitive, but now there's a true reasoning behind it.

I added 90 days of HIP HOP ABS. Now Hip Hop Abs is a 30day program. To make it 90days, I'm using multiple Beachbody programs by trainer ShaunT:
- Hip Hop Abs
- ShaunT's Dance Party Series
- Rockin' Body
Maybe, just maybe, I may add "Hip Hop Abs level 2: Ultimate Results", but I haven't decided yet.

The moment I thought about that, the fun factor set in, and that's all I thought about - working out and having fun.

I planned on continuing Rev Abs. So I moved onto phase two of Rev Abs where the workouts are a little more challenging, a little longer, and a little tougher.

THIS WAS MY CHOICE. Nobody told me to do this, no one asked me to join them. I solely did this on my own.

Using the schedules for the various Hip Hop Ab workouts and Rev Abs, I created a schedule that's FUN!

Hip Hop Abs, followed by Rev Abs. Start off with the fun, and just keep it moving.

I did my first workout on Monday, February 22nd, and I had a ton of fun - and I burned over 550 calories!!! I smiled, I laughed, I had a blast, and I couldn't wait to workout again!

So in order to progress forward with Rev Abs, I had to go back to the beginning with the workout program I started with almost three years ago - Hip Hop Abs. I'm loving the combination, and I am anxious to workout again. :)

Rev Abs - week 3

I got about 1/2 way through week three and I started thinking "this is too easy, I have to kick this up". But I was hesitant about moving into phase two of Rev Abs right away. My initial goal was - complete this program 100%, no matter what.

Then I remembered what trainer Tony Horton always says - "listen to your body".

Although I was getting a hard workout with Rev Abs, I did not sweat as hard because my body was getting used to it.

After twelve days of NOTHING, I made the choice to kick things up and change it around.

What I had LOST in these workouts was the FUN factor. Working out because it's FUN. I made it such a chore to workout that I was just doing the workouts for the sake of doing them and not truly enjoying the fun factor of the workouts.

So I took a step back, and wondered "how do I make it fun again?"

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Week 2 of Rev Abs and Chalean Extreme was a true challenge for me. It wasn’t the nutrition that challenged me, it was a trip.

The first part of the week was spot on with nutrition, workouts, and supplementation. I was very proud of that.

The second part of the week was a challenge because I was travelling to Chicago, IL for an event. I followed the principle of Chalean Extreme – go heavy or go home. I did not bring my workout DVDs or a portable DVD player. Instead, I did an empromptu workout consisting of exercises from P90X, Rev Abs, Chalean Extreme, and mixed in cardio work from the treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical, and also did some ab work for an intense 30minute workout.

After getting cleaned up, having breakfast, my girlfriend and I attended the GAME PLAN EVENT – the main reason why we visited Chicago. We MET so many TeamBeachbody coaches whom I have known, spoken with on Facebook, and whom I met for the fist time. It was a worthwhile event with amazing lessons that I will utilize to expand my coaching business!! That night, I had an amazing two-hour conversation with a TOP coach and an employee from Beachbody who broadened my horizion with new ideas and suggestions I never thought of. It was mind-blowing and exciting at the same time! Afterwards, I returned to my room, and noted everything I was told. This was a true opportunity, and I took full advantage of it.

Sunday morning, we went downstairs for breakfast, and the coach I had spoken with entered the elevator. I asked him to breakfast, and during breakfast, he shared the same ideas he mentioned to me last night as well as many other ideas.

It was an amazing trip, not just for the Game Plan Training, but to meet so many TeamBeachbody coaches, learn from them, and “pay it forward”. Pass along what I have learned, and expand MY coaching business.

Although I did miss a few workouts at the end of week 2, I am confident that they will be done during week three, as well as BOTH week three schedules (for Rev Abs and Chalean Extreme) – and I will continue pushing forwards towards my goals. They WILL be achieved.