Monday, March 8, 2010

Starting Week 7

After moving into phase 2 of Rev Abs and adding Hip Hop Abs, THAT change helped me out tremendously this past week.

For accountability, I completed 4 out of 6 scheduled Rev Abs workouts this week; and I completed 5 out of 6 Hip Hop Abs workouts this week. Statistically, I completed 67% of the Rev Abs workouts this week, and 83% of the Hip Hop Abs workouts. By day 5, I felt it in my obliques and my hips, A LOT, and I’m very glad! The combination of the two workouts are working effectively.

Adding Hip Hop Abs into the workout routine brought the FUN back into my workouts, and I love every workout that I’m doing because I know that I am getting better every day! Wherever I am headed on this fitness and health journey, I am confident that I will be having fun on my way there!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hip Hopping The Rev

I remembered what Jim Rohn talked about on his audio cd “Building Your Network Marketing Business”. He indicated that there are people who will be there consistently to doing something, and then there are people who promise that they will do something – and come up with an excuse why they cannot do it. I found myself falling into the latter. That started happening to me, and I did something about it - I changed up my workouts. Although I had a few weeks left of phase 1 of Rev Abs, I moved right into phase two and will follow that up with the Full Throttle schedule.

To keep the cardio consistent, I also added another program from another trainer – ShaunT. ShaunT is the creator of Hip Hop Abs. ShaunT’s Hip Hop Abs is the program I started with in 2007 which propelled me onto this health and fitness journey. The last time I did any workouts from Hip Hop Abs was in 2008, when trainer ShaunT initiated a 90day challenge to the people on the TeamBeachbody message boards – consisting of his four programs: Hip Hop Abs; ShaunT’s Dance Party Series; Rockin’ Body; Hip Hop Abs Ultimate Results: level 2. In that 90day challenge, ShaunT used all workouts from the four programs, in addition to calisthenics (pushups, situps, crunches, jumping jacks). As a result from the challenge, someone lost 25pounds.

As I move into phase 2, I added the routines from ShaunT’s workouts to work in conjunction with Rev Abs. I am not doing one program in the morning and one at night – I’m doing BOTH workouts. Hip Hop Abs, THEN Rev Abs. If the two workouts are over two hours total, I will do one on the morning and the other at night. But I haven’t reached that point yet – so doubles it is!

I wear a calorie counter in each workout to see how many calories I have burned. Last week, I burned 220-250 calories in per workout. As a result of working out to Hip Hop Abs and Rev Abs, I burned a total of 550-600 calories A DAY!

In addition to a workout program, another key aspect is nutrition. After looking through meal plans for several programs, and researching it on the web, I designed a nutritional program based upon my personal preferences. The combination of the two programs makes a fun workout and caloric burn, plus a simple nutritional program. I can definitely stick with this.

Week 1 is completed. Onto week two….and have more fun!!