Monday, March 8, 2010

Starting Week 7

After moving into phase 2 of Rev Abs and adding Hip Hop Abs, THAT change helped me out tremendously this past week.

For accountability, I completed 4 out of 6 scheduled Rev Abs workouts this week; and I completed 5 out of 6 Hip Hop Abs workouts this week. Statistically, I completed 67% of the Rev Abs workouts this week, and 83% of the Hip Hop Abs workouts. By day 5, I felt it in my obliques and my hips, A LOT, and I’m very glad! The combination of the two workouts are working effectively.

Adding Hip Hop Abs into the workout routine brought the FUN back into my workouts, and I love every workout that I’m doing because I know that I am getting better every day! Wherever I am headed on this fitness and health journey, I am confident that I will be having fun on my way there!!!

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