Friday, April 16, 2010

Hybrid Workout - Test #2

Once I completed the first test, I wanted to try it out with others before the workout in NYC.

So I took the hybrid workout to our FIT CLUB here in New Jersey. TeamBeachbody coach, Brian Del Gaudio was there. Brian has been using P90X to get into amazing shape.

We did the hybrid - the SAME workout I did at home, and I've filmed that workout as well.

The differences were calories I burned and time.

At home, I completed the hybrid workout in 56 minutes and burned about 430 calories.

At fit club, it took a little longer. The location for the fit club has a wood floor, so it was more of a challenge, and it took a little longer. It took about an hour and twenty minutes to complete the same workout, and I burned over 900 calories this time around.

Brian deserves a TON of credit for trying out the hybrid workout. He's knows P90X very well because he does it every day. But Brian has not tried Insanity or Chalean Extreme. He did do one Rev Abs workout (Rev It Up Cardio) with the NYC workout group in Novemer 2009.

This time, I did a little more research. Instead of being a P90X-focused workout, I pulled more exercises from P90X+ and Rev Abs.

TeamBeachbody coach Joanna Rodriguez-Seiffer deserves a large amount of credit for the Insanity moves in the hybrid. I sent Joanna a message on Facebook, asking for her help with some moves from Insanity, and she sent me a message with a lot of suggestions - and I've used ALL OF THEM!

I've also filmed this. I will edit this video, and post it here.

Testing The Hybrid

Once I created the workout for the hybrid, I wanted to test it out on myself before teaching it to a class. I'm glad that I decided to do that.

In the first test run, I learned that there were exercises that worked, and some didn't. The ones that didn't work were because they were repeating exercises that occurred earlier.

I filmed the workout primarily for me to see the playback, to see what worked and what didn't. It proved helpful. But what was even MORE helpful was making a video of it for youtube.

Creating A Hybrid Workout

Creating a hybrid occurred to me over a year ago while I was doing P90X, except at the time, the hybrid was a 90-day hybrid of workouts from various Beachbody programs:
Hip Hop Abs
Power 90
Power 90 Master Series
Turbo Jam
Turbo Jam Fat Burning Elite
Power Half Hour.

The principle to the hybrid is that there was always a different workout a different day, and the combinations were amazing. It started out as one workout for thirty minutes during the first week. As the weeks progressed, it turned into one workout plus an abdominal workout. Towards the end of the hybrid, it was a cardio workout (the warm-up), a harder cardio workout OR a weight workout, and an ab-workout.

But I never actually tried the 90day hybrid because I began P90X, and that changed everything.

The idea of creating a hybrid workout has been on my mind for quite a while.

Now that I am using programs like Rev Abs, and I have tried programs like P90X+ and Chalean Extreme, I thought about creating another hybrid.

On the TeamBeachbody message boards, I have seen people post 60-day or 90-day hybrids combining different programs. TeamBeachbody coaches Joey Petri and Mark Briggs designed the "Briggs/Petri" hybrid, which used workouts P90X, P90X+, and One On One. I've also seen hybrids using P90X and Chalean Extreme, P90X and Insanity (or P90X+ and Insanity).

My current workout program is Rev Abs, and I combined the progression of Rev Abs and P90X to create a P90X/Rev Abs hybrid, which progressionally gets more difficult throughout the 90days of the program. I will be starting that in June 2010.

I'm part of a few TeamBeachbody coaches that host FREE WORKOUTS in New York City once a month. During the past year, the programs we have used have been P90X, Insanity, and Rev Abs. My goal was to create a hybrid workout, a single workout, using multiple programs.

I designed a heart-pumping workout that has exercises from P90X, P90X+, Chalean Exreme, Rev Abs, and Insanity. I have tested this out three times, and I have filmed it all three times.

Plus, I will be TEACHING this workout to the next FREE WORKOUT in New York City on Saturday, April 17th at Chelsea Studios, in New York City.

THIS is a preview to the workout.