Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Fun Factor

Instead of continuing on with phase 1 of Rev Abs, I made the choice to add another program. This may seem counter intuitive, but now there's a true reasoning behind it.

I added 90 days of HIP HOP ABS. Now Hip Hop Abs is a 30day program. To make it 90days, I'm using multiple Beachbody programs by trainer ShaunT:
- Hip Hop Abs
- ShaunT's Dance Party Series
- Rockin' Body
Maybe, just maybe, I may add "Hip Hop Abs level 2: Ultimate Results", but I haven't decided yet.

The moment I thought about that, the fun factor set in, and that's all I thought about - working out and having fun.

I planned on continuing Rev Abs. So I moved onto phase two of Rev Abs where the workouts are a little more challenging, a little longer, and a little tougher.

THIS WAS MY CHOICE. Nobody told me to do this, no one asked me to join them. I solely did this on my own.

Using the schedules for the various Hip Hop Ab workouts and Rev Abs, I created a schedule that's FUN!

Hip Hop Abs, followed by Rev Abs. Start off with the fun, and just keep it moving.

I did my first workout on Monday, February 22nd, and I had a ton of fun - and I burned over 550 calories!!! I smiled, I laughed, I had a blast, and I couldn't wait to workout again!

So in order to progress forward with Rev Abs, I had to go back to the beginning with the workout program I started with almost three years ago - Hip Hop Abs. I'm loving the combination, and I am anxious to workout again. :)

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