Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rev Abs, week 2

I continued challenging myself throughout week two. Throughout the week, my abs fired in the Rev Abs workouts. In addition, they also fired throughout the day and stayed in that “flex” status. In other words, my ab muscles fired all day long. I’ve never experienced this before.

By mid week, my I needed some type of stretching or break. Although I didn’t take a break, I did change things up a little with my workout schedule. I continued to follow the Rev Abs schedule in the morning, and I added a cardio or yoga workout at night.

I added the extra workouts to keep my body consistently guessing and to improve my flexibility. The cardio helped burn off the bodyfat, and the yoga helped stretch me out. The combination worked.

Now, whether I’m doing a morning workout or an evening workout – my abs FIRED, and they continued firing throughout the day. I am really enjoying that feeling!!!

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