Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What Is A Seizure?

This is something very close to home for me.

I have lived with epilepsy my entire life. People are "familiar" with epilepsy or know a little about it while others have done extensive research on it.

Several years ago, when the Walk For Epilepsy was created, the purpose of the walk was to support and encourage people with seizures. The slogan was "not another moment lost to seizures", hoping that there will be a cure so people who live with epilepsy every day will be able to live a seizure-free life.

I have been seizure-free since 1996 and I have lived a seizure-free life.

Katie Couric of CBS did a story on 60 Minutes on Sunday, October 25. This video is approximately 90 seconds long, but it hit home for me because THIS is a brief description of what happens during a seizure. If you have 90 seconds to take a look at it, please do.

Education is important. We stress that upon our children. I believe we should also educate ourselves as well.

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