Monday, October 26, 2009


Reading something silently is one thing, saying it outloud is something different. Reading it several times and speaking it out loud is completely different. The reason I say this is because it relates to something that Anthony Robbins spoke about in the program “Unlimited Power”. People learn differently. The order in which people learn things will affect the way they understand things, or react to them.

I attended boarding school at age 15. They principle they taught was – read, recite, review. This principle helped me do so many different things in high school ranging from memorization, learning names, learning directions, and familiarizing myself with them later on.

Now it’s time to return to the basics of what worked. If these three basic principles worked for me at age fifteen, I’m confident they will work for me at age thirty nine. I'm already utilizing these principles when working out (repeating the schedule of the exercises, getting good at it, changing it up. But when returning to the workout, I've already familiarized myself with it, so I have an easier time doing it).

Enough talking.
Time for doing.

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