Sunday, August 30, 2009

Extreme Motivation

When I signed up as a TeamBeachbody coach in 2008, I wanted to be a positive example to anyone I was coaching as well as the people in my life.

Over the past year, I reached a point where I questioned why I was working out. Was I working out for my health? To inspire others? To show that I HAVE completed various Beachbody programs? To never quit? The answer was YES to all of them. The ultimate quetion was - WHO are you working out for? Yourself? Beachbody? Your customers? Other coaches? People on the Beachbody message boards?

I changed my approach. I looked at the larger picture. I'm not working out for myself anymore, not the ME in 2009. I started looking further ahead - past 30 days, 180days, a year, 10 years... you get the idea. In my mind, I saw how working hard NOW will improve and change my life for years to come.

Based on my experience from working out, I will inspire others and show others how they can also do the same - and I would be happy to mentor/coach them so that they can achieve THEIR goals, THEIR aspirations.

It's not just about working out. There's a lot of different things happening. A combination of events must occur. Getting fit and healthy is like opeing a combination lock. (You may have read or heard information similar to this, but let me tell you first hand - it's true, it's real and it definitely makes a differnce)! The combination is simple - exercise, water, nutrition, supplementation, and rest. It sounds easy, and it is. It's just that doing all of it at once can be overwhelming at times. But diligence is the key. Stick to it, and your hard work will pay off (didn't our parents tell us that as kids?)

There is a huge difference in life between talking about doing something vs. comitting to do it. Working out is not any different. In the words of Morpheus (Lawrence Fischbune) from The Matrix, "There is a difference between TAKING the path, and WALKING the path".

Think about it.

This is the same principle as SAYING your going to do something vs. going out and actually doing it.

Same idea, same principle. Same objective.
Do it.
Strive for your goals, and achieve them.

I am walking my path. It's filled with twists and turns along the way, but I expected that the moment I began this journey. Sometimes it feels as though I'm taking a casual walk on this path, other times it feels like I'm sprinting to my destination. But the point is, I AM doing something.

The reasoning for my rant is very simple.
Choose your own path, commit to it, and you will reach your destination. Now if the destination you arrive at is different than your initial goal, that's alright. It's ONE result. Review what the steps you took to arrive at this destination, tweak your actions, and try again.

It's like driving somewhere and getting lost along the way. We've all done that. I'm not talking about navigation systems here. I'm talking about YOU driving from point A to a destnation you've never been to before. It will be different, you'll experience similar things, you may hit some twists and turns along the way and can possibly deviate from your original goal. But that's ok, it happens in life. Get back on track, find your way, and get to where you want to go.

I like a lot of quotes from the poet, Goethe. Today, I came across this one:
"Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do."
Apply that to what I've written above.
Knowing that you WANT to achieve a goal is not enough. We have to apply, take action, take necessary steps to achieve these goals. You can't just be willing to workout or lose weight, because that doesn't cut it. How many times in life where we've heard something that catches our attention and we've thought "I'm willing to try that?" And yet when we DO try it, we don't stick to it.

Actions speak louder than words.

Here's another quote from The Matrix. Neo (Keanu Reeves) started learning all these fighting techniques because they were "implanted" in his brain through the matrix. He turns to Morpheus (Lawrence Fischburne) and says, "I know ju-jitsu".

Morpheus says, "Show me".

Alright, let's make it easier.

Knowing how to cook is half the game. You've read cook books, watched cooking shows, watched your MOM cook as you were growing up. But you never tried it. How can you cook a dessert if you've never even preheated an oven? (Yes, everyone that cooks is probably nodding their head while reading this). If you don't DO it, you'll never get BETTER at it.

Exercising and eating right is not any different.

If you already HAVE the knowledge on how to do something, and have appied that knowledge successfully in your life and you can do something extremely well - utilize that same approach and knowledge, and apply it to other things in your life. You'd be amazed to see how fast you pick things up and get things accomplished.

Ok, I'm off my soapbox for the evening. I think you get the idea.

As for me - week 3 of P90X Classic is completed. Now it's no to recovery week (week 4).
Next week, I take photos. I will post them here.

Have a great week. Onward!!!

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