Monday, August 24, 2009


Ever hear of a BOSU? It's a balance trainer. I mean, I can balance and walk on my own two feet, but that's not why I bought it. A fellow coach, Kelly Nelson, has a BOSU and she's used it in her P90X workouts. When I spoke with her about it, Kelly said that the BOSU works your core.

A BOSU is essentialy half of a fitball, with a flat solid surface on the other side. The fitball side is inflatable. You inflate it to a solid level, which you can use to work on your balance. If you flip the BOSU over, now you're working your lower body (and your lower abs) to keep your legs steady so you don't fall off.

Kelly is using a bosu in her youtube video while doing P90X. So she's doing a weight workout for her upper body, and by balancing on the bosu, she's also working her lower body. When I saw that, the first thing I thought was "I gotta get my hands on a BOSU". I tried a few different stores here in NJ, but I didn't have any luck buying one. So I went right online, bought it, and it should be shipping today (hopefully).

I'm currently in week 3 of P90X Classic. I'll start using the BOSU in week 5, which is phase two of P90X. I know that I will be wobbling on the BOSU until I get my balance under control. Plus, if I'm able to work my upper body and lower body on the bosu, then I'd be getting a double workout and it would be doing the job.

Since I don't have the bosu yet, I'm only going by what I've heard and what I've read.

I will keep you posted on how that works.

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