Sunday, August 16, 2009

P90X, round 4, week one

Last week, I began my fourth round of P90X and I chose to do P90X Classic. This was the program schedule that I started with a year ago, so why not begin here!

Last year, when I began P90X, I lifeted 10pounds and I gradually increased the weight throughout the program. This time, I am starting with 25pounds.

In addition, I took the P90X Fitness Test on Saturday, prior to my start date. This is not a pass or fail test, it's designed to measure your starting point and see how you improve over the next 90 days of the program answering this question - what changed?

Throughout week one, I was pushed, pulled, and stretched throuhout the week - and I loved it! I was familiar with the workouts, it was tough, but I was confident that I would do well. I modified the exercise whenever I needed to, otherwise I worked hard and did my best. The cardio workout stretched me out from the weight workouts. The combination of the two made for a great week! Add onto that the 349 crunches from Ab Ripper X three times a week, and I was exhausted by Saturday morning (but I felt fantastic!!!)

Due to extenuating circumstances this past week of working late at work and not getting enough sleep, I did not do day 5, Legs & Back and Ab Ripper X. I am not bent out of shape about it, I am pressing forward in my workouts. That is essential.

Throughout the week, I made healthy choices for my meals. I avoided anything fried and any type of "deli meat". I snacked on raw almonds twice a day, and I hydrated daily by drinking 60oz of water. I surprised my father who asked if I wanted pizza for lunch, and I declined. He said, "Do you believe this? James doesn't want pizza. I thoughout you liked pizza?"
I do! But, I choose not to have pizza, fried, or greasy foods because those are the types of foods that cause you to break out, raise your cholesterol, raise your body fat percentage, and are not the healthiest in the world either.

In a nutshell, week one has been completed. Twelve more weeks (or 84 days) to go. I am truly looking forward to this fitness journey!

Onward, and forward...

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