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P90X Fitness Test 08/08/09

P90X Fit Test - 08/08/09

After three rounds of P90X, I never took the P90X Fit Test. The Fit Test is designed to see if you're able to handle the minimum requirements for P90X. Pullups, pushups, a vertical leap, toe touch, wall squat, bicep curls, in & outs, and a heart rate maximixer.

Wide Pullups To Failure - 5

Vertical Leap - 5"
You do this two times. The first time, you stand against a wall, and jump as high as you can. The second time, you take a step back and jump up. The results are the difference between the first time and the second time.

Pushups - 35
(with pushup stands)

Toe touch - -5 1/2"
I've always had a difficult time touching my toes because my hamstrings are tight. I'm hoping that over the next 90 days this improves.

Wall Squat - 52 seconds
Your back is against the wall and you squat down so that your quadraceps and calves are in a 90 degree angle. The objective is to stay in this position as long as you can. In P90X, they hold this position for 90 seconds.

Bicep Curls - 14reps
I did this two ways. 7 reps at 25 pounds, then I increased the weight to 27.5 pounds and did 7 more reps.

In & Outs - 33
Sitting on the floor with your knees bent, you extend your legs out and bring them back. That's an in & out. I struggled with this the first time I did P90X. In P90X, they do this exercise with 25 reptitions.

Heart Rate Maximizer
Two minutes of non-stop jumping jacks, and you sprint the last 30 seconds.
HR after done: 169
After 1 minute: 111
After 2 minutes: 92
After 3 minutes: 85
After 4 minutes: 81

Since I was wearing a heart rate monitor during the test, these are the statistics from the heart rate monitor:
Max HR: 179
Avg HR: 90
Min HR: 65

In addition to the P90X Fit Test, I also took my day 0 measurements for P90X:
(measurements are in inches, closest measurement 1/8")
Chest: 36.0
L. Bicep: 11.375
R. Bicep: 11.25
Waist: 36.5
Hips: 36
L. Thigh: 20.75
R. Thigh: 20
TOTAL: 171.875"

Weight: 156pounds

I consider this information "a beginning" or something to improve. As Beachbody CEO described the day 0 photo, he said, "Consider this your goodbye photo" meaning that this is the last time that you will look this way. I hope so. I've attached the photo.

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