Sunday, August 2, 2009

Eating Correctly

One of the biggest setbacks people can experience as they go through a workout program is not eating enough or not eating "clean" and nutritionally.

This happened to me when I was in my first round of P90X. I could not figure out why, no matter how hard I worked out throughout the program hwy I wasn't losing weight or gaining muscle. it turns out that the energy that I burned from the workouts was completely replenished by my dietary habits and what I was eating. I was being counter-productive and I never understood it.

In order to see where I made mistakes with my nutrition, I started logging everything I ate and drank for a week as well as "how much" of each. In addition, I also logged what exercises I did that week and how many calories I burned during the workouts. After researching the caloric breakdown of the foods I have been eating and doing the math (total caloric intake - expenditure = daily total), I saw why I was not gaining muscle and losing body fat.


I had to make a change to my diet. I became extremely conscious and aware of what I did, constantly asking myself questions like, "is this food in the top to tiers of Michi's ladder" as well as "will eating this particular food get me closer to my goal or push me farther from my goal?"

This change did not happen over night, nor did I expect it to. This was something I chose to do for me, my health, and my future - a healthier and fit life. In order to reach that point that I wanted to achieve, I needed a place to begin.

That place is today, August 2, 2009. I know what I want to achieve and I will do whatever it takes to get there. Now it is a matter of time, execution, diligence, and patience.

How this change in diet and nutrition will affect my life, I am very confident about - and I will stick with it. I've "envisioned" how I want to look and feel at day 90 and beyond. Now it's time to make those visions a reality.

Two years ago when I began this fitness journey when my day one photo was taken, I said to myself "This photo will change". During the past two years, my health has improved. Now I have more work to do.

I will keep this blog updated with new information and statistics weekly.

Have a great week everyone!

Onward, and forward...


Coach Gates Creating Motivation said...

Thanks for the info James! I can conquer the workouts, but the eating, caloric intake and metabolism understanding is challenging for me! But I know I am not alone!! Eventually, I will "GET IT" and when I do, I too will share :)

James P. Manganiello said...

Thank you for the comment, Lorraine. You're welcome! The key is writing it all down and researching the caloric and nutritional content for each. Log it, blog it, keep track of everything. Whatever you eat, research the caloric breakdown for it. Calories, fat, sodium, protein... the whole bit. I sounds time consuming, but once you see how the foods you're eating impacts your weight, workout, results, you will make changes. Don't stress, you WILL get it, and when you do, it will blow your mind.