Monday, August 24, 2009

Insanity @ Chelsea Studios

After trying one Insanity workout with Jimmy Nelson the week before, I knew that this Insanity workout would be intense - no matter which workout they would do. The reason why I say THEY is because I did not workout.

I filmed it.
The previous month at Chelsea Studios, I filmed everyone working out to P90X's "Core Synergistics" workout. I had a hunch that the Insanity workout would be intense.

It was.

It was a hot day. My bus didn't arrive, so I drove in. I rushed to get over to Chelsea Studios, and I was sweating by the time I arrived (about 15 minutes into the workout). I walked in, the folks who knew me smiled, and one person said, "How are you sweating and you're not working out?"

I pulled out the videocamera and I started filming.

Insanity is VERY EXTREME! I had already done one workout, so I knew it was difficult.

During the workouts, we turn the lights of the room off, and project the video onto a wall so it's easier for everyone to see.

EVERYONE at the workout worked hard, they did MORE than their best, and they kept right at it throughout the workout. Even though the room was hot, I was sweating just being there. It may have looked as though the intensity of the workout had me sweating.

I have to give everyone at the workout credit for DOING the workout, and for what they did afterwards. We turned the lights on, and they repeated four exercises - specifically so it is easier to view the exercises. These four exercises were intense, and fortunately they did each exercise no more than 5-10 seconds each.

Since I knew that this workout would be intense, I wanted to have intense music to go along with it.

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