Monday, April 13, 2009


About a year ago, I started to utilize the different workout supplements that Beachbody offers. Their wide range of supplements caught my attention, although I wasn’t sure where to begin or what to try.

I initially started with the Core Nutrition Pack, which consists of Cal-Mag, Omega-3, and an Activit Multivitamin. I continued to use this for several months, and then changed the supplements. Thoughout the past year, I continued to change my supplements every few months whenever I changed programs. When I started working out with P90X, I started using the P90X Peak Health Formula, P90X Recovery Formula. In addition, I was also using Beachbody’s Joint Support Formula.

Now, I’m working out with Power 90. But I still take the P90X Peak Health Formula, Recovery Formula, and Joint Support.

Recently, my girlfriend ordered Beachbody’s newest supplement – Shakeology. We’ll both be using that. After speaking with different people at Beachbody, I would be able to take the Peak Health Formula WITH Shakeology, and that was a big bonus for me. The reason is so I could continue my current supplements with the Shakeology.

I'll let you know how that goes.

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