Sunday, April 5, 2009

Power 90 - week 1

On March 23, 2009, I started Power 90 lifting twenty pound weights in the workout, AND using two 10 pound kettleballs during the ab workout. Now some may consider that extreme, but this is JUST the beginning A place to start from and expand upon. With that mindset, I began.

Towards week, I increased the reps in the weight exercises to fifteen reps and I was lifting 22.5 pounds. True, it’s only a 2.5 pound difference, but as the weights increase, a 2.5 pound difference can mean between putting the weights down for a rest or pushing out 1-3 more reps. My abs were hurting by the end of the week, but you know what, I pushed through it. All I thought was "it hurts, which means the abs are working!"

My ultimate goal was to continually progress this way throughout the 90 day program.

Michael French, I cannot thank you enough for introducing the kettleballs into my workout regimen!!! I will increase them throughout the 90 days, and I will keep you posted on how it goes.

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dianemary126 said...

glad to hear you had such a successful first week james! keep it up and you will soar through these 90 days my friend!