Sunday, April 19, 2009

Power 90 week 3

Job-related stress can get to ya. We all know it, we all go through it. The question is how do we handle it?

This week, the job stresses got to me. I am going back to my old job in the company from two years ago, and there have been many changes made. During the past two months, I have been learning the new processes of the job, which is both time consuming and detailed. It has been stressful. Six months ago, I stopped taking aspirin and pain medication because I did not want to rely on it anymore. I wouldn’t take it because I felt as though it was not necessary anymore because I viewed aspirin as“escapism from reality”. That changed on Wednesday. My head was pounding, and I had some Tylenol. It alleviated the pain. Hey, ya do what ya gotta do and you go on.

In light of the stress, I refused to become a stress eater this week. I was extremely careful of what I was eating and drinking. Any coffee that I chose to have, I got a cup of decaf coffee. I know, there’s a little bit of caffeine in it, but I just didn’t want a regular cup to get me jolted and running around like a chicken without a head.

Briefly, due to the stress, I slept more at night, and I did not exercise this week.
I know, not a good thing.
Still, it happened, and I am not beating myself up about it. It is a lesson on how to manage stress and frustration – sweat it all away.

On a positive note, I bought TWO 18-pound KBs. Why two? One for each hand while doing Power 90's "Ab Ripper 100". Yes, it intensifies the abdominal workout because you are working your abs harder – just as when you increase the weights during a weight workout. In order to achieve extreme results, we need to do extreme things.

Fortunately, I am confident that this week’s extreme-ness of Power 90 will benefit me in future workouts. I will build up the strength in my arms to compensate for the heavier KBs. Who knows, I will probably increase the KBs again before starting P90X.

In addition to the KBs, I am increasing the weights from 22.5pounds to 25pounds for week four of Power 90. This will definitely be a challenge, and I am looking forward to it.

After completing week four next Sunday, I will post new photos and measurements. In addition, I will compare them to my day one measurements of Power 90.

Until next week…

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