Sunday, April 5, 2009


After speaking with fellow Beachbody Coach Michael French at the Coach Summit, he told me about how kettleballs enhanced the strength in his core and his arms.

What is a kettleball?

Think of a barbell. A barbell has the handle in the middle and the weight on each side. A kettleball has a handle on the top, and the weight is in the shape of a ball underneath. Hence the term kettleball. Kettleballs can be purchased at any fitness store and there are kettleball DVD workouts and exercises which can be used with the kettleballs. Just as free weights, kettleballs are available in different weights.

This intrigued me, so I bought two 10pound kettleballs. I was open-minded. I wanted to try something new, something to enhance the workout. I had no idea how this would kick things up a HUGE notch.

Why did I buy two? One for each hand.
If I’m doing any ab related exercise in Power 90, I knew that holding one kettleball wouldn’t cut it. So I bought two – one for each hand. This way, it doubles the intensity of the workout because each arm would be working throughout the exercise.

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