Sunday, September 6, 2009

Recovery Week (not exactly)

Allow me to start off by saying that this week, "recovery week", was anything BUT a recovery week. I worked late several nights, didn't get up early enought. But you know what, that's in the past. It happened, it's over.

Wednesday night I did workout to P90X's Core Synergistics and Ab Ripper X (changing up the recovery week a little). I burned a total of 564 calories and my maximum heart rate was 212. My average heart rate was about 160bpm. yes, I worked out that hard.

The two Insanity workouts that I did with Jimmy Nelson and the 2620 crew kicked up my P90X workouts.

Core Synergistics worked my hard, pushed me, and it was just what I needed. I felt great. Throughout the rest of the week, I did some light stretching (no video, just old-fashioned stretching).

Now I'm ready for week 5, or phase two of P90X.

In case you want to "see" the changes from day 1 of P90X to day 30, here's a 30 day progress photo.

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