Thursday, September 24, 2009


I seem to be doing more and more of this lately.

"Bonking" can have many defitinions. When I describe "bonking" I'm referring to not having enough in me during my workouts. In other words, I don't have enough energy to continue the workout and I "bonk" or lose energy.

The past few weeks, as I've been very diligent of the foods I'm eating and the calories that I have been taking in, I have made sure to eat only the healthy stuff and avoid fried foods. But lately, I've noticed that this has been an advantage and a disadvantage.

It's an advantage because I am eating healthy, nutritional food. The setback of not having enough calories is that I lose energy quickly during a workout. If I burn over 500 calories in a workout, and I'm only taking in 1300 calories, that leaves me 800 calories - hence, I bonk. (That's just a speculation). Although it feels like I'm taking in 1300 calories, after calculating everything out, I'm taking in about 1800 calories.

I've added a protien shake in the morning for a little extra energy, a protein bar during the day, almonds to snack on, and I drink about 72+ ounces of water daily. (Yes, I drink a lotta water).

It just feels that I'm missing something and I cannot grasp on to what it is. When I pinpoint it, I'm sure I will make a subtle change and I'd be back on track in no time.

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misscmac said...

Someone told me that if you start with a banana and a protein shake right before your workout, your energy level lifts significantly. I have not tried it myself, but hopefully this will help you. Great job on the post!!