Friday, September 18, 2009

P90X week 5

P90X’s workout for day one of week 5 - Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps – wiped me out. To quote trainer Tony Horton, “In a good way, I mean that in a good way.” I expected soreness this week, and I got sore. Unfortuantely, this sorness caused a slack for two days.

The following morning, I woke up and heard Beachbody trainer ShaunT’s voice in my head screaming, “C’mon yo! Let’s GOOOOOO!!” (This is from the INSANITY promo).

I got out of bed, and jumped back into the P90X workout. HARD! When I say hard, I’m talking hardcore. For anyone who has done any extreme workout program such as P90X or INSANITY, that’s the kind of intensity of this workout.

This was my workout:
P90X: Legs & Back
P90X: Kenpo X

I burned 425calories in Kenpo X – which is the most amount of calories I’ve EVER burned in Kenpo X. I worked hard in Legs & Back by lifting 30pounds. I’ve never lifted 30s in L&B, but it was worth it. I was wiped out after my second workout, but I felt great, confident, and I KNEW that this was exactly what I needed to jumpstart my workouts again – and it WORKED!

My mindset was in the right place, my goal was ahead of me, and I’m prepared to work. I accomplished what I set out to do, and I’m prepared for what tomorrow will bring.

I changed things up a little bit, which gave a little variation and it kept my body offguard.

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