Thursday, June 4, 2009

Getting Sick

As a result of the fluctuating temperatures lately in NJ, I knew that I was bound to get sick one of these days. I did. On Saturday May 23, I succumbed to this cold. I’m a little stubborn, and avoided the over-the-counter remedies because I have had enough of the “FEDs” (Actifed, Sudafed, Un-Sick-Me-Fed). Just kidding. Instead, I chose a different approach by avoiding them and choosing to take more of a natural approach.

I went over to Beachbody’s online store and picked up something called Herbal Immune Boost. Initially, I thought that this stuff would give you an extra boost in the morning in the event you wanted to avoid caffeine. It did MUCH more than that. OMG, this stuff was absolutely incredible!!! Check this out, it does exactly what it says – it fights whatever is in your system to give you an extra boost NATURALLY throughout the day. No caffeine, no drugs, none of that. Plus, just like any other Beachbody supplement that I take, I research every one of the ingredients. I’m talking everything. Why? Because I want to know what “green tea extract” is (for example). I want to understand it and know how that particular ingredient will help me. After researching the ingredients for the Herbal Immune Boost, I purchased it, particularly because I wanted to get rid of this cold bug.

I took this every day, drank a lot of water, and I had hot tea with honey to ease my throat.

By last Saturday, the May 30th, the congestion had broken up, I felt better, and I could tell that the cold was going away. However, I was still coughing.

I couldn’t workout if I was sick, and no way would I even attempt working out if I was coughing. If I couldn’t breath properly (because of the cough), I wouldn’t last 10 minutes – even in Power 90!

Still, I wanted to workout. So, I picked out something very simple. A stretching video by Beachbody called “Ho’ Ala Ke Kino” which is Hawaiian for Awaken The Body. This Beachbody workout by Tony Horton (creator of P90X) was filmed on the beach in Hawaii. It had stretching, light kicks and punches, and light yoga at the end. I broke a good sweat and felt great afterwards. Breaking that sweat is what probably also broke my cold.

Sunday morning, I took a chance. I worked out to Power 90’s Sweat 1-2 and Ab Ripper 100. I took it easy. Instead of working out hard, I focused more on my form instead of speed. In addition, I also kept my upper back straight. This is difficult with scoliosis in ANY workout. For instance, if someone says to me, “touch your toes without bending your knees”, I could. However, in order for me to reach my toes, you would see my upper back curve forward as I reach my toes. Not the most pleasant thing to see. This time, I bent from the waist (like a hinge) and I kept my back straight. I could not reach past my knees, but that is alright because I am confident that this will improve over time.

I have maintained a positive attitude, even when sick. I’m working out again, feeling great, and today is another new day. Now, once I’ve shaken this cold, I will be working out full-force.

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