Monday, June 8, 2009

The Experiment

For most of my adult life, I have been cholesterol medications of one form or the other. A few months ago, I wondered to myself, “what would my cholesterol be if I DIDN’T take any cholesterol medicine?”

I ran out of cholesterol medicine last month (which was not planned), but this was the beginning of my test. During the time, I still ate clean, I exercised almost every day, and I took care of myself. When my cholesterol was checked, the total was 264points. The HDL level was higher than the LDL. I knew that this would change. At that doctor’s visit, I obtained a prescription for my cholesterol medicine. I took the cholesterol medicine daily, ate clean meals, and exercised… until I caught a cold. Once I got rid of the cold, I started exercising.

I visited my doctor on Saturday, he took a new cholesterol level since I’m now taking the cholesterol medicine. The results absolutely blew my mind. The total cholesterol was 184points. Yes, you read that correctly - 184!!!The breakdown is LDL 109 and HDL 75.

These results were the answer to my experiment. During the course of ONE month of not taking my cholesterol medicine vs. taking it, the difference was 60points.

Now, I take the cholesterol medicine daily, and I am also working out. On my next visit to the doctor in the next few months, I would like to see what my cholesterol will be now that I’m taking the cholesterol medicine, working out, and eating well.

That’s my post for the day.

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