Sunday, June 7, 2009

Getting Back Into It

Once you have been doing something for a while and something happens where you're unable to do that, it is difficult to get back into it. That's not so with exercising and eating right. Statistically, people experience setbacks, or situations which divert them from their original goal. Unexpected situations, a move, change of jobs... there's always "something".

Yes, I've been fighting a cold. But, I took the appropriate time to get enough sleep, drink enough liquids, eat healthy, and take care of myself. As the cold disappared, and I felt better. Once that happened, I thought "now that you feel better, WHY aren't you working out?" Last Saturday that was my goal. I worked out to Beachbody's "Ho' Ala Ke Kino", which helped me get back into the workouts. Sunday, I picked up Power 90 in the 1-2 series. This was both helpful and motivational because despite the cold, I DID NOT GIVE UP, and for me, that was the drive that I needed. My OWN drive. I did it myself.

Throughout the week, I worked out, yet I was still fighting the tail end of the cold. It didn't stop me. I kept pushing play and working out the best of my ability.

Yesterday, I visited my doctor for a quarterly checkup. The anti-seizure medication is monitored quarterly to make sure the numbers look alright. But on my last visit a few months ago, the medication numbers looked good - but, my cholesterol numbers were bad. The cholesterol jumped up to 264. Towards the end of 2008, I lowered my cholesterol to 185. It went back up because I ran out of cholesterol medicine. Ok, that's a 79 point difference. If I lowered it once before, I could do it again.

Since that visit, I renewed the prescription for my cholesterol medicine and have been taking it daily. My doctor took a blood level to monitor what my cholesterol level was.

Although I'm not "at" where I want to be, I feel better, I am eating cleaner better meals, and I am confident that I will achieve my goals - both with fitness, health, and in life. Most importantly - my posture is straighter, I am much more relaxed (must be an endorphyn thing), and I can "see" my goal. In my mind, I can see what I want my results to be, and I am striving PAST that.

Today, WOWY, Beachbody's super online gym where we log our workouts is under construction. Beachbody is revamping the entire website this week. I have viewed the photos of what the new website will look like, and I'm very confident in the new look. Unfortunately, I won't be able to WOWY my workouts every day.
Just because WOWY is not working IS NOT AN EXCUSE NOT TO WORKOUT!! Sorry, I refuse to use that as an excuse. If I'm hurt, or sick, that's another story. But I feel good, I'm ready to workout.

I'm working out again, filming my workouts, and completing stage one of Power 90.

Next week, I'll post the change in stats from day 0 to day 30 of Power 90, as well as photos.

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