Saturday, May 9, 2009

Back To The Beginning

Alright. Time to fess up. Work has become a little more stressful than expected, and I wasn't getting the proper nutrition or sleep that I had hoped for. Instead of beating myself up by it (I'm not that type of person), I'm going to back to square one, and bring it from the beginning of the Power 90 schedule.

No kettlebells until later on. Now, it's time for old school workouts. Just bringing it, and just getting the job done.

Saturday morning, I worked out to almost all of Beachbody's "The Fountain of Youth" from Tony Horton's One On One series. I've wanted to try this for weeks, it was a good sweat, and i enjoyed it a lot.

Out with the old routine (the "excuses"), in with the new one.
New beginning, new photos, new measurements. I'll post those tomorrow.

See ya then.

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Yamillie said...

Way 2 go James!...
Im so proud of are def an inspiration always keepin it real ;)..