Saturday, May 16, 2009

Power 90, week 1.. with a twist

I did better with the cardio workouts this week, but I pushed it in the weight workouts towards the end of the week, and I was happy about that.

I initiated a challenge with a fellow Beachbody Coach. Debbie, aka DeeDeeFit, wants to get into shape for summer. So do I. We're both experiencing different difficulties and setbacks. I said, "Debbie, I challenge you to a workout challenge - best results by the end of the summer." She said (and I quote), "YOU ARE SO ON!"

This challenge is NOT against each other, it's against ourselves. Debbie and I are friends, and fellow coaches. This challenge will keep us accountable for our workouts and meals because know that we have SOMEONE ELSE watching us.

Speaker Anthony Robbins talks about deadlines, explaining how deadlings can influence our behavior.
Well, now I have a deadline.

Debbie is doing Chalean Extreme (which is 120 days).
120 days for me would be - Power 90 (90 days), and the first 30 days of P90X.

I also posted this challenge on the message boards, so this is NOW public. People are aware of it.

Keep checking back, I'll post updates.
It's BRING IT time.

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