Friday, June 25, 2010

Rev Abs & Hip Hop Abs

I chose to change it up. When I restarted Rev Abs over a week ago, I kicked it up a notch by adding a second workout program. Since I was losing motivation, I went back to the program that I started with in 2007 when I began my health and fitness journey - HIP HOP ABS.

A lot of people are doin ShaunT's program "Insanity". I have done several workouts from the program, but I am not ready for the full program yet. Just as three years ago I was not ready for P90X, I worked my way up to it by working hard. Now I am doing the same.

I installed a blogger application on my phone, so I will be posting blog messages more frequently. So, please keep watching my Facebook page for links to my new blog posts, or check back here.

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