Sunday, March 29, 2009

2009 Beachbody Dream Extreme Coach Summit

The last time I visited California was in 1998 for a ten-day vacation.
This time, it was different. This time, my girlfriend and I went to California as Beachbody Coaches to attend Beachbody’s Dream Extreme Coach Summit. This was very special for me. I have been anticipating this event. We flew from Newark, NJ to Los Angeles, California. As we arrived at the hotel, we found many coaches chatting at the bar. Although I only knew a few coaches, this weekend was an opportunity to meet and learn from many people. It was great to meet the coaches in person and “see” how they have transformed themselves through the workouts. This was very inspiring. I would have chatted all night with them to learn from them, however, I knew that the next morning would start very early, so we said our ‘good nights’ and went to sleep.

Since I expected Friday to be an all-day event, and to we woke up early to have breakfast at the hotel. I ate healthy - a plain mini muffin, a lot of fruit, some vegetables, and cold salmon.

We are members or the TeamBeachbody coaching team, Team Genesis, and Friday was an all-day team-building event. I learned much more about the coaching business and ways to expand your coaching business from several successful Beachbody coaches. The successful coaches and guest speakers shared their experiences on how they became successful.

TeamBeachbody coaches are members of the Team Beachbody community who have decided to become coaches to help other members achieve and surpass their fitness goals and dreams. We are not just coaches; we are also customers and members of the Beachbody community. We started as everyone else did - searching for answers, achieving goals, striving to achieve our maximum potential. Now, we are able to give back and help others do the same by coaching them and helping them achieve their goals.

While walking around the hotel, we met Beachbody coaches Yamille Hurst and Earl “Wink” Broughfman who are also members of TeamGenesis. They won in Beachbody’s Million Dollar Body Game for their amazing transformational stories. Yami won $10K for her transformation story in October 2008, and Earl won the grand prize of the Million Dollar Body game last year - $250,000!!! They are great people, and it was great to meet them in person.

That night, we worked out to ShaunT. His workout room was playing dance/club music, and ShaunT was in the front of the room motivating everyone to workout and “do it”. Although my girlfriend and I were in the back of the room, ShaunT walked around the room, motivating people throughout the workout. I worked harder, pushed more, sweat a lot, and I loved it. At the end of the workout, the intensity of the workout had every sweating – and everyone loved that! After using ShaunT’s workouts at home (Hip Hop Abs, Dance Party Series, Hip Hop Abs Ultimate Results, and Rockin’ Body) it was great to workout with him in person. After the workout, everyone is taking photos with Shaun and Tania Ante (who is in each of ShaunT’s workouts). When I had an opportunity, I thanked ShaunT for the intense workout and said, “It’s great to FINALLY meet you”.

That night, TeamGenesis hosted a fun 70s party with healthy food to nosh on, which was very helpful after the workout. I did not dress-up for the party, but many folks did. Gotta give them a lot of credit for that!
I met many coaches and that was very special. Connecting with new people is always a good thing.

Saturday morning, Beachbody coaches would be working out at Universal Studios with ALL of the trainers. As we were waiting in the lobby, we met Debbie Siebers, who was both very friendly and very helpful. J Thank you Debbie!!! We arrived at Universal and walked over to CityWalk. People stretched and prepared for the workout. Beachbody trainers Gillian & Teigh, ShaunT, Tania Ante, Debbie Siebers, Chalene Johnson, and Tony Horton worked the crowd hard throughout the workout. At the completion, everyone was sweating. Beachbody CEO Carl Daikeler came out afterwards to congratulate everyone, saying that they did a great job on the workouts. Afterwards, everyone returned to the hotel, and cleaned up in preparation for the Saturday morning’s Dream Extreme Summit sessions.

Everyone returned to the hotel. An elevator at the hotel was not working (since we arrived on Thursday). Everyone piled into the maintenance/service elevator around the corner. As we are waiting in the elevator, Beachbody trainer Tony Horton walks into the elevator smiling and saying, “Hey what are all of you doing in my elevator?” J We returned to our rooms (to clean up from the workout). Then, the morning and afternoon sessions, so the Dream Extreme Summit could begin.

Beachbody President Jonathon Congdon and CEO Carl Daikeler congratulated everyone for their achievements and provided motivational comments to the crowd. Throughout the course of the day, we heard from many of Beachbody’s top coaches, who explained their success and how they “did it” - what it meant for them to become top coaches, and how we had the opportunity to do the same as well. We also had the opportunity to listen to guest speakers Larry Zimmer and Les Brown, who provided information and inspiration to everyone, so we can each build our coaching businesses.

Beachbody also announced NEW programs to be released in 2009.They included: Brazilian Butt Lift, Shakeology (the workouts associated with the drink, with workouts by Tania Ante), Turbo Fire (by Chalene Johnson), Insanity (by ShaunT), and new workouts from Tony Horton’s One On One series. The newest supplement is Shakeology. This is a meal in a drink, literally. Shakeology has over 70 vitamins and nutrients and comes in two flavors – chocolate and greenberry. I tried both. They mixed the greenberry flavor with orange juice, and they mixed the chocolate flavor with peanut butter – both versions were fantastic! Now, the ingredients of Shakeology are incredible. It has over SEVENTY, yes 70, different vitamins in that drink. So it is a meal in itself! Gotta tell ya, I went to the summit fighting a COLD. Beachbody had samples of the different Shakeology flavors on different tables. After doing five shots of Shakeology A DAY, the cold was GONE by Saturday night…for the main event.

The main event on Saturday night of Beachbody’s Dream Extreme Summit was held at the Globe Theatre in Universal Studios, Hollywood – the Top Coach Celebration, and the 2008 Million Dollar Body Game Grand Prize Drawing. After a light cocktail hour and speaking with different coaches and trainers, the event began. This is the moment, THIS is when people are recognized for their achievements and awarded for their accomplishments. Beachbody’s 2008 Top Coaches were brought on stage. We also met the eight finalists of the Million Dollar Body Game. Six of whom would receive $50,000 and two people (one man, one woman) would walk away with $250,000. After watching videos of each of the eight finalists, Carl and Jonathon brought each finalist on stage and interviewed them. After the interviews, they announced the winners of the 2008 Million Dollar Body Game – Dallas Carter of Mililani, Hawaii, and Kristy McLean of Foothill Ranch, California – each walked away with $250,000!!!

So now the goal for 2009 is this – what is YOUR why? Why do YOU want to get in shape? Which program will you use?

My question to those of you reading this is, how can I help you achieve YOUR goals and dreams? Feel free to contact me, and/or ask any questions you want to know. I look forward to working with ALL of you!

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